Two‑volume book, Drafting answers the Filipino students’ need for a practical, Filipino‑authored book that teaches the principles of general drafting.


German M. Manaois

Level/s: High School


Volume I introduces students to the general principles of drafting by teaching the following activities: freehand drawing, lettering, designing, measuring, technical sketching, and blueprint reading.

Volume II advances students to a higher course on drafting by exposing them to the work of practitioners in the field. It includes lessons on sectioning, scaling, drawing of auxilliary views, wood joints and metal fastening, furniture designing, and many more!

Many schools offering practical arts subjects have turned to Drafting because it—

  • facilitates learning through easy-to-read texts;
  • develops mental and manual skills;
  • offers ample work activities and self‑test questions;
  • includes useful study helps—list of important formulas and symbols, conversion table, and glossary of technical terms; and
  • illustrates concepts and gives clear, precise lesson instructions.



Textbook Copyright:

Volume I: 1983

Volume II: 1983


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