Consumer Mathematics

Explains the importance of consumer education and introduces the values and skills that characterize a vigilant consumer!


Numidas O. Limjap; Coordinator: Carmen de la Peña

Level/s: High School


Consumer Mathematics is packed with practical lessons that teach about the rights and privileges of consumers and the means of protecting them. The book gives students, the arithmetic skills and consumers, the information they need to make wise buying decisions.

The units in the book—

  • describe the Filipino consumers under various economic situations
  • point out the varied ways to become a wise consumer in the home and in the community with respect to business, industry, and government
  • teach the role of the consumer in the national economy
  • offer a timely discussion of what one can contribute to the economic development of the country

It comes with these useful study materials:

  • A glossary of important words pertaining to consumer education
  • Prerequisite Concepts and Skills section which previews the concepts and skills to be taken up in a specific unit



Textbook Copyright:


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