Better English for Philippine High Schools

The third edition of Better English for Philippine High Schools considers the changing needs of students as it tackles themes and situations learners can easily relate to and talk about. The updated content presents activities and strategies in tune with current trends in teaching and learning English.


Josephine B. Serrano

Level/s: High School


With Better English, learning communication arts has never been this exciting! Consider these notable features:

  • Communicative situations reflect the needs and interests of the growing adolescents, making the lessons appealing to high schoolers
  • Carefully written guide questions allow for free expression of thoughts and ideas
  • Comprehensive exercises in the different communication areas ensure proficiency in the English language
  • Valuable appendices provide useful study help materials, such as 100 Frequently Misspelled Words, English Idioms, The Mechanics of Composition, etc.

The Textbook guarantees your students’ proficiency in English communication through scores of well‑prepared exercises on grammar, mechanics, usage, and vocabulary. In particular, Books I and II gear toward the training of students in the mechanics and pronunciation of the language with emphasis on repetitive drills. Books III and IV emphasize the productive use of English and contain more reading lessons.

The Teachers Guide supports the teachers by providing them with well‑thought-out class assignments, lesson objectives, and class activities. It provides teachers with answers to objective‑type questions found in the student textbook.



Textbook Copyright:

I – 1994

II – 1994

III – 1994

IV – 1994

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