Asian History and Civilizations

The second book in a new series for Social Studies in English for Philippine high schools, Asian History and Civilizations textbook offers very rich, thematic, and well-organized lessons on Asian history, its culture, and civilizations.


Janet C. Atutubo and Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

Level/s: High School


This book encourages the students to pursue higher cognitive activities, heighten their awareness on the situations of their Asian neighbors, and make them genuinely involved in their surroundings.


The book—

  • is based on, but not limited to BEC
  • offers a thematic approach to the course rather than the standard chronological approach
  • presents data thoroughly
  • careful sifting was done to ensure quality of information—their relevance and value to our time is a great consideration
  • presents the diversity of Asian cultures, peoples, histories, and traditions, which enchant the world for many centuries
  • connects the distant histories to the experiences of the Filipino students today by grounding these in the Philippine setting and experiences
  • makes the students feel their affinity with their Asian brothers and sisters
  • encourages students to use other sources like the library, almanacs, and other references; and avail of their community resources even from different government agencies like the National Statistics Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs, etc.

With this textbook, history becomes a very interesting part of the students’ lives!



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