21st Century Mathematics

Equips your students to become productive, math‑literate individuals in order for them to face the mathematical challenges of the 21st century! This comprehensive math series is designed to meet the varied learning abilities of high school students.


Rechilda P. Villame, Ju Se T. Ho, Lucy O. Sia, and Misael Jose S. Fisico; Author-Coordinator: Simon L. Chua, D.T.

Level/s: High School


The modern math series—

  • helps students acquire computational skills and learn different techniques in problem solving by oral and written exercises carefully constructed by the authors
  • provides abundant oral and written exercises subdivided into several categories catering to the needs and abilities of the learners
  • teaches Pascal programming and the correct use of the calculator to keep up with current trends

The Textbook offers math students comprehensive lessons and plenty of challenging math exercises that enable them to master the art of problem solving.

The Teachers Guide provides a detailed lesson plan for each lesson in the textbook that will enrich the teachers’ knowledge on the subject matter and give them ideas on what strategies or techniques to use in teaching the lessons effectively.



Textbook Copyright:

Level I: 1995

Level II: 1995

Level III: 1996

Level IV: 1995

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